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Economic Insights features nontechnical articles on monetary policy, banking, and national, regional, and international economics, all written for a wide audience.

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Making Sense of Urban Patterns PDF
In cities worldwide, density peaks near city hall and thins out the farther one travels in all directions. Jeffrey Brinkman explores what drives this pattern, what sparks big shifts such as the postwar suburban migration and today’s taste for city life, and why it all matters for urban policy.

Did the Fiscal Stimulus Work? PDF
The federal government poured hundreds of billions of dollars into the economy in an attempt to combat the Great Recession. Gerald A. Carlino examines just how much bang taxpayers got for their bucks.

Banking Trends: Credit Unions’ Expanding Footprint PDF
New rules expand credit unions’ capacity to make business loans, a key niche for small banks. James DiSalvo and Ryan Johnston explore whether there is any evidence the change could cost small banks market share.

Research Update PDF

  • Last update: March 6, 2017

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