Search Tips

Type search terms in all uppercase or lowercase unless you want the search to be case sensitive.

One or more terms may be combined with search operators, characters and wildcards to refine your search. The following tables demonstrate the use of operators, characters and wildcards in your search:

Basic Search Operators
Operator Purpose Example
AND Searches for items that have both words in it. bank AND fiscal
OR Searches for items that have either word in it. bank OR fiscal
NOT Eliminates items where the word is found. bank NOT fiscal
, (Comma) Searches for items that have either word in it. bank, fiscal
Character Purpose Examples
(Parentheses) Determines how ANDs and ORs are treated. Words within parentheses are considered a unit, and are considered first. bank OR (fiscal AND policy)
fiscal AND (policy NOT bank)
"Quotation Marks" Quoted words or phrases are searched for literally. Useful when you want to search for the actual words and or or. "bank and money"
bank and "not fiscal"
Wildcard Purpose Example
* Stands for any number of characters. A search for fi* would find financial and fiscal.
? Stands for any single character. A search for ?ar?et would find both carpet and target, but not learjet.

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