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Resources for Education

The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia and the Federal Reserve System provide resources to aid teachers in educating K-12 students about economics and personal finance.

  • The Federal Reserve and You: Designed with classroom flexibility in mind, The Federal Reserve and You is a free video composed of seven segmented chapters that will walk your students through the purposes and functions of the Federal Reserve System and give them overviews of money and banking and the history of central banking in the United States. Our on-screen hosts explain it all with the help of detailed animation and interviews with Federal Reserve leaders.
  • The Second Bank of the United States: A Chapter in the History of Central Banking: Outlines the origins and operations of the second Bank of the United States, the nation’s second attempt at central banking. (PDF, 3.80 MB, 14 pages)
  • Benjamin Franklin and the Birth of a Paper Money Economy: Tells readers about Benjamin Franklin’s role in the debate about devising a system of paper money in the colonies and his monetary philosophy. (PDF, 4.24 MB, 12 pages)
  • A Day in the Life of the FOMC: Learn more about the FOMC and the inner workings of the Federal Reserve's monetary policymaking body.
  • History of Central Banking: Describes the history of central banking in the United States from 1791 through deregulation.
  • Intersections: The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia’s periodic newsletter, which includes lesson plans and timely information about resources and programs offered by the Reserve Bank.
  • Keys to Financial Success: A comprehensive high school personal finance program.
  • Lesson Plans: Lesson plans to assist K-12 teachers teach economics and personal finance in their classrooms.
  • Money in Colonial Times: Describes the development of money in the American colonies and early national period.
  • Symbols on American Money: This 16-page booklet looks at the various images and symbols that have been used on U.S. currency over the years. (PDF, 5.34 MB, 16 pages)

Resource Guide Plus

This online economic education resource guide icon_external-link gives you the opportunity to browse and order Fed materials and share ideas for using Fed resources in the classroom.

The Great Depression

Teach high school students about the economics of the Great Depression with these six active- and collaborative-learning lessons icon_external-link.

FRS Education

federal reserve education

Federal Reserve Education: External Link serves as a portal to the Federal Reserve System’s economic education resources.

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