Tom Akana

Tom Akana

Senior Research Fellow, Consumer Finance Institute

Phone: (215) 574-3456
Fax: (215) 574-7101

Areas of Expertise

  • Credit Risk Management
  • Consumer Financial Capability
  • Financial Regulation

About Tom Akana

Tom Akana joined the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia in May 2018. Before joining the Bank, Akana was a director in the credit risk office of BarclaycardUS. During his 11 years with Barclays, he held a variety of roles within the credit risk discipline, including regulatory reporting and audit management, portfolio oversight and controls development, and management of all cobranded credit card program originations risk.

Before Barclays, Akana spent 10 years with MBNA America where he oversaw the development of underwriting, limit assignment, credit line increases, and manual underwriting strategies across the U.S. card business.

Throughout his career, he has interacted with external regulators and audit organizations, which led to him transitioning from analytical roles into the portfolio oversight and regulatory management aspects of credit risk.

Akana has a bachelor’s degree in American studies and psychology from Georgetown University.