Workshops and Seminars

The Consumer Finance Institute hosts in-house workshops and research seminars during which invited guests lead discussions on a variety of consumer finance and payments topics to inform Bank staff and Federal Reserve System colleagues.


Measuring the Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Consumer Spending Using Card Transaction Data

June 2020

  • Abe Dunn, Assistant Chief Economist
    U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis

  • Kyle Hood, Research Economist
    U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis

Validation of Machine Learning Models: Image Recognition and Classification*

January 2020

  • Julia Litvinova, Managing Director and Head of Model Validation
    State Street

  • Nikhil Dighe, Vice President and Model Validation Lead
    State Street
*Co-organized with the Supervisory Research Forum


Reducing Frictions in Health-Care Payments

December 2019

  • Bill Marvin, President and Chief Executive Officer

  • Deirdre Ruttle, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Communications

Government Guarantees and the Debt Capacity of Housing

December 2019

  • W. Ben McCartney, Assistant Professor of Finance
    Purdue University

Installment Lending: More Profit at the Point of Sale

November 2019

  • Michael Moeser, Senior Analyst

How Subprime Customers Use Credit Cards: An Insider’s Perspective

November 2019

  • Elena Botella, Subprime Credit Expert and Freelance Writer

The Ethical Algorithm*

October 2019

  • Aaron Roth, Associate Professor
    University of Pennsylvania
*Co-organized with the Supervisory Research Forum

CECL and the Credit Cycle*

May 2019

  • Ben Ranish, Senior Economist
    Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
*Co-organized with the Supervisory Research Forum

Reducing Barriers to Enrollment in Federal Student Loan Repayment Plans: Evidence from the Navient Field Experiment

May 2019

  • Constantine Yannelis, Assistant Professor of Finance
    University of Chicago

Who Bears the Welfare Costs of Monopoly? The Case of the Credit Card Industry

April 2019

  • Kyle Herkenhoff, Assistant Professor of Economics
    University of Minnesota

The Effect of State Funding for Postsecondary Education on Long-Run Student Outcomes

April 2019

  • Rajashri Chakrabarti, Senior Economist
    Federal Reserve Bank of New York

The Validation of Machine Learning Models for the Stress Testing of Credit Risk*

April 2019

  • Michael Jacobs Jr., Lead Quantitative Analytics and Modeling Expert PNC
*Co-organized with the Supervisory Research Forum

The Effects of Bonuses on the Demand for Auto Loans and the Long-Term Consequences

March 2019

  • Zhenling Jiang, Ph.D. Candidate in Marketing
    Washington University in St. Louis

Lending Circles: A Story of Progress, Strong Ties to Community, and New Paths to Financial Empowerment

February 2019

Discussion Paper , Supersedes Discussion Paper 19-03.

  • José A. Quiñonez, Chief Executive Officer
    Mission Asset Fund

Sustained Credit Card Borrowing

February 2019

  • Daniel Grodzicki, Assistant Professor of Economics
    The Pennsylvania State University


Income-Driven Student Loan Repayment Options as Insurance

December 2018

  • Lesley Turner, Assistant Professor of Economics
    University of Maryland

Why Life-Cycle Investing for Retirement is Wrong (and Why Portfolio Managers Should Recommend It Anyway)

November 2018

  • Emma Rasiel, Professor of Economics
    Duke University

Barclaycard Ring: Using Online Communities to Build a Better Credit Card

November 2018

Discussion Paper 

  • Paul Wilmore, Chief Marketing Officer
    Barclaycard US

On the Art and Science of Machine Learning Explanations
A Discussion with Practical Recommendations

October 2018

  • Patrick Hall, Senior Director of Product

Driving Transformation with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

September 2018

  • Adam Wenchel, Chief Executive Officer

The Option Value of Personal Bankruptcy over the Life Cycle

September 2018

  • Guozhong Zhu, Associate Professor
    University of Alberta

A Review of Wells Fargo's FICO For All Program

September 2018

  • Chris Feathers, Senior Vice President, Direct Marketing Manager
    Wells Fargo

Can the Unemployed Borrow? Implications for Public Insurance

August 2018

  • Kyle Herkenhoff, Assistant Professor of Economics
    University of Minnesota

The ACA Medicaid Expansion in Michigan and Financial Health

August 2018

  • Sarah Miller, Assistant Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy
    University of Michigan

Mortgage Characteristics and the Racial Incidence of Default

August 2018

  • Tom Mayock, Assistant Professor of Economics
    University of North Carolina at Charlotte

A Workshop on Recent Trends from the Visa Payment Panel Study

August 2018

Discussion Paper 

  • Michael Marx, Senior Director
    Visa Inc. Research Services

Creating a Comprehensive Income Dataset

May 2018

  • Bruce Meyer, McCormick Foundation Professor
    University of Chicago

The Effects of Ability, Uncertainty, and Debt on the Value of a College Degree

April 2018

  • Doug Webber, Associate Professor of Economics
    Temple University

Private Information and Price Regulation in the U.S. Credit Card Market

April 2018

  • Scott Nelson
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Preferential Treatment in Financial Contracts: Does Broker Race Affect Mortgage Prices?

March 2018

  • Brent Ambrose, Smeal Professor of Real Estate
    Pennsylvania State University

A Workshop on Pooling (Data) Assets to Learn about Debts

February 2018

  • Brian Bucks, Senior Economist
    Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

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