Our mission is to produce leading-edge research on how credit markets and payment systems affect the economy. The Institute sponsors opportunities for scholars, the financial industry, and the public sector to collaborate and share insights on fostering healthy household finances, a stable financial system, and a resilient economy.

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Our researchers span four Bank departments and collaborate with each other and visiting scholars to provide the next level of research.

Meet one of our researchers

Chris Henderson

Assistant Vice President, Supervision, Regulation, and Credit

Chris Henderson

Chris has spent decades quantifying risk in bank portfolios. His work focuses on credit risk, bank capital requirements, and consumers’ access to credit. 

  • Bank Early Risk Modeling and Surveillance
  • Regional and Community Banking
  • Consumer Credit
  • Bank Capital Requirements
  • Auto Lending

Publications and Resources

Literature Database

Our continually updated database provides bibliographic citations for journal articles, books, reports, and other publications on consumer credit and payments and links to full-text papers from across the Federal Reserve System.

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