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New Rental Housing Data Based on the 2005-07 American Community Survey (ACS)

In 2010, the Community Development Studies & Education Department released a study that assessed rental housing conditions and affordability and availability of rental housing in Pennsylvania.

As part of its ongoing focus on affordable rental housing, the department has analyzed new rental housing data. The new findings are based on HUD’s Comprehensive Housing Affordability Strategy (CHAS) tabulations of the 2005-07 ACS and reinforce key findings of the original study.

County-level data are now available for more Pennsylvania counties, and the analysis has been expanded to include data on both renters and homeowners.


  • Presentation providing an overview of findings of new ACS data and a comparison to key findings of the original study
  • Detailed data tables
  • Notes providing additional detail on the differences in data sources used to prepare the new and original estimates

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  • Last update: April 26, 2011