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Board of Directors

Jon Evans, Board Member

Jon Evans, Board MemberJon Evans is a Class A director. For 36 years, he has served banks in the mid-Atlantic region, ranging from small community to regional institutions. He worked in operation and credit positions before managing the Financial Institutions Group at Summit Bank in Princeton, NJ, in 1996. Evans became the CEO of Atlantic Community Bankers Bank in 2001. He founded ACBB-BITS in 2005 and continues to chair the subsidiary, a privately owned telecommunications company created to help U.S. financial institutions simplify and enhance their telecommunication needs.

Evans serves on the American Bankers Association's Correspondent Working Committee. He is also a member of several banking trade associations including the Bankers' Bank Council, Pennsylvania Bankers Association, Pennsylvania Association of Community Bankers, New Jersey Bankers Association, and Delaware Bankers Association. He graduated from Rutgers University with a bachelor's degree in economics.